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Three T bus drivers test positive for coronavirus

The MBTA reports that three bus drivers working out of its Cabot bus yard in South Boston tested positive for Covid-19 yesterday.

As a result, the T says it moved to disinfect "all exposed work areas, vehicles, and equipment at the T’s Cabot bus facility."

Consistent with guidance from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the Massachusetts Department of Public Health (DPH), the MBTA has enacted its COVID-19 outbreak plan. We are disinfecting the employees’ workspace, vehicles, and equipment that they may have come into contact with.

In a statement, T General Manager Steve Poftak said:

“We ask the public to keep our employees in their thoughts, and I continue to express my deep gratitude to the women and men of the MBTA workforce who are serving a vital purpose in combatting COVID-19,” said MBTA General Manager Steve Poftak. “To ensure we can protect the health and safety of our workforce, we strongly urge essential travel only, and we will continue our enhanced protocols for cleaning and disinfecting all vehicles, equipment, and surfaces.

The T noted that this past weekend it began requiring all bus passengers and Green Line riders at surface stops to board through rear doors - with exceptions for seniors and people with disabilities.

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on entering at the back door or the front door. I've experienced all kinds of randomness. Some drivers open only the rear doors. Others open the rear doors but ask you to come up to the front to tap your card or pay your fare. Today while taking the no 1 bus the driver opened the front door only. I don't mind paying, I have a pass. I just want consistency and clarity.

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and ask what their actual policy is, and mention the inconsistent behavior of the drivers while you're at it.

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and all others providing essential services that require them to expose themselves to potentially infected people.

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Definitely. I wouldn’t be able to work without them. Taken advantage of/spurned/disrespected until you realize how much this City and the surrounding area citizens depend on them in a freak world we find ourselves in. Also, hang Trump and the entire administration now for treason and manslaughter of near genocidal proportions. First, flush the Turd on the 3rd

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