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After fitting the patient with crutches, the doctor gave a good prognosis

Tree with crutches

Turlach MacDonagh spotted a tree doctor's patient in Brookline, braced for whatever Henri might have brought.

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that my parents had a small orange tree with a couple of oversized fruits, and used a bra from Goodwill to give the tree a little needed support.

Citrus make great potted plants, but the lingerie costs can be prohibitive.

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Well they do give that extra support, but it might be uncomfortable after 18 hours.

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We've had alot of rain this season... fruit trees grow larger fruit when it rains more. All that water gets sucked up and ends up in the fruit. Fruit might have weighed down the tree.

A few weeks ago, we had an ancient pear tree in our backyard fall & take out our fence. Had some of the best tasting pears. But it also was half rotted, yet still alive.

Welp the rain finally got to it. Either it rotted too much or the pears weighted down the tree. And considering the piles of them that were everywhere, AND how the crew scooped them up and took them (to eat). I'm going to guess the tree was weighted down.

(also good to know fruit trees are usually softer woods, thus bend pretty easily)

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