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Hunt is on for serial dumpster arsonist in the Fenway

Firefighters put out a Fenway dumpster fire

Firefighters douse a flaming dumpster in the Fenway. Photo by Live Boston.

Live Boston reports firefighters were kept busy early Friday dousing a series of dumpster fires across the Fenway - two weeks after a similar series of fires in the Back Bay.

Unlike in the Back Bay, however, none of the fires spread to nearby buildings.

Live Boston reports the fires started around 4:30 a.m. in a dumpster behind 117 Park Drive. Between then and 6:35 a.m., dumpsters were set on fire behind the Star Market and then on Kilmarnock Street.



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Aren't we all at home during this pandemic? Nobody sees or hears some jerkoff creeping around their building?

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Is the root cause of all dumpster fires.

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