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Man charged with Fairfield Street shooting rampage

Boston Police report arresting Brandon Sicard, 29, of Boston, on various charges related to last night's bullet barrage that damaged buildings on both Fairfield and Boylston streets as well as a car.

Nobody, including his apparent victims, were injured. Workers and patrons at a couple of Newbury Street restaurants were ushered into more secure rooms as police flooded the area.

Sicard was charged with assault by means of a dangerous weapon, unlawful possession of a firearm and discharging a firearm within 500 feet of a dwelling, police say. Police say the investigation is continuing.

In October, four men engaged in a gun battle on the same short stretch of Fairfield.

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How many bullets in a barrage?

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How this man was caught in one day and not the psycho who shot a mom in the head and five others on Saturday

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I'm sure every intersection is covered by the city, and most sidewalks by cameras in private businesses. They got some very good pictures for the Marathon bombing, and I'm sure coverage and quality must be even more complete now.

I just wish they would use it to enforce traffic laws too.

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Who decides where and how many surveillance systems and quality of surveillance in each location in the entire ciity? And what basis are those decisions made? Those are the real questions.

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You would think since that is a more violence prone area they would have more surveillance. Not to mention the police department up the street on Morton

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Since the "more violence prone area[s]" are typically more heavily black and brown. Do you want more police surveillance of people with black and brown skin?

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The details should be interesting. I'd like to know if he was shooting at anyone in particular or just shooting for the hell of it.

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