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Old Boston campaign signs never die, they just get dumped in Stony Brook Reservation

Charlotte Golar Richie signs in the snow

A roving UHub photographer was hiking through the Roslindale side of Stony Brook Reservation with his family yesterday when they came across these seemingly fresh Charlotte Golar Richie signs just lying in the snow. She ran in 2013, so who's been sitting on these signs for eight years (both signs and tarp look pretty fresh) and suddenly decided they had to get rid of them and the best way to do that was dump them in the woods?


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After they spend the winter cocooned in a tarp, they emerge in the spring as woods porn.

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Over the past year, I've noticed that someone (DCR?) is dragging what appears to be campsite detritus from deep in the woods to the paved path. After some time, DCR does come in with their trucks and haul it away. I came across this pile on my walk just now, and the tarp is really a tent. I wonder if the signs were used as some kind of flooring for the tent or just as a little more something to put between a sleeping someone and the cold ground. There are people living in this urban wild & I wonder if their ranks are increasing, as jobs and housing are becoming more precarious for our neighbors.

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I live nearby and walk the park a couple rimes a week. That is probably the remains of someone's shelter. If you get away from the paths several people appear to be living in the park. Periodically the dcr(?) guys tear apart structures and drag the remenats out to the path. This pile has been there about a week. Generally they don't sit that long.

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Agreed on this. I ran through there that day. The night before had been extremely windy. I wouldn't be surprised if this blew down somewhere in the park.

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