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When a 17-story condo building in Brighton collapsed during construction

Four workers died and 30 were injured when 2000 Commonwealth Ave., near Chestnut Hill Avenue, collapsed during construction on Jan. 25, 1971. Some photos.

The entire structure was torn down the next year and replaced with the building that still stands today as a BC dorm.

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A building along Fort Point Channel across Congress Street from the Children's Museum, built in 1983, suddenly settled 6" in 1995 causing it to crack and fail. It didn't collapse but something was clearly wrong with it and it was condemned. My husband worked on Sleeper St. at the time and it was a bit of a curiosity until it was torn down and replaced.

UPDATE: more specific information

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Seawater got into the concrete for the piles, rebar corroded and expanded, spalling the concrete until the column failed accordion-like. Like the bendy part of a bendy straw.

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Explain it in paper straw terms.

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The L'Ambiance Plaza collapse was one of the worst disasters in modern Connecticut history. L'Ambiance Plaza was a 16-story residential project under construction in Bridgeport, Connecticut, at the corner of Washington Avenue and Coleman Street. Its partially erect frame completely collapsed on April 23, 1987, killing 28 construction workers

lift slab construction technique

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But I've been told this is why 2000 Comm doesn't have a 13th floor.

And yes, I know 80% of buildings or something don't have a 13th floor, but I've heard this one was originally planned to have a scheme that didn't skip it.

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The B Line was suspended from the collapse on Jan 25 until March 17.

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