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Feel the dread: Green Line's dead

Passengers walking narrow Green Line space to Hynes

Riders turned track walkers near Hynes.

The Green Line suffered a "power problem" near Kenmore and now it's rolled out the buses between Kenmore and Government Center. This was no mere inconvenience, though, as Jeremy DaCruz shows us, passengers had to get off the train with the "problem" and walk the narrow space between the trolley and the wall to stations, in his case, Hynes.

Another video.



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This isn't funny anymore. MBTA will dissolve and be taken over by MassDOT. Yeah, that's right. Digest that.

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Luckily this can't possibly happen during the four months when the Orange Line is down and everyone is urged to take the Green through downtown

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I'm not sure I'd feel okay riding the T anymore without coveralls and steel toed boots in case of a tunnel evac.

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