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Former head of State Police union convicted of racketeering, fraud, obstruction of justice

A federal jury today convicted Dana Pullman, former president of the State Police Association of Massachusetts and a former SPAM lobbyists on charges of racketeering conspiracy, wire fraud, obstruction of justice and conspiracy to defraud the IRS, the US Attorney's office in Boston reports.

US District Court Judge Douglas Woodock set sentencing for March 23 for Pullman, 60, of Worcester and Anne Lynch, 71, of Hull, following the 20-day trial.

Pullman served as SPAM president from 1987 until 2018. He was charged in August, 2019. According to the US Attorney's office:

From at least 2012 until Pullman resigned as the President in September 2018, Pullman and Lynch turned SPAM into a racketeering enterprise, using Pullman’s position and power to defraud SPAM members, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and vendors looking to do business with the MSP. Among other things, Pullman and Lynch defrauded SPAM members and the Commonwealth of their right to honest services from Pullman when Lynch paid Pullman a $20,000 kickback in connection with a settlement agreement between SPAM and the Commonwealth. Pullman and Lynch defrauded two different companies that sought to do business with the MSP by hiding from the vendors the fact that Lynch was paying Pullman to direct vendors to use Lynch’s services. The defendants hid the payments from Lynch and her lobbying firm to Pullman in a manner designed to avoid reporting and paying taxes on that income to the IRS. Pullman and Lynch also attempted to obstruct the grand jury’s investigation of this matter by manipulating subpoenaed records, and Lynch attempted to obstruct the grand jury’s investigation by lying to investigators.

Additionally, Pullman embezzled and misused SPAM funds for personal use by using a debit card tied to a SPAM bank account to pay for thousands of dollars of meals and travel for an individual with whom Pullman was having a romantic relationship.

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Sure, you are convicted but you get until the last games of Spring Training to wander about?


Is Danbury that full right now?

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"A few bad apples"

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Is a whole orchard unto himself.

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The state police is nothing but an organization of criminals. It should have been disbanded years ago.

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Two consecutive days of posts on your bodily emissions might be enough for even the most seasoned UHub fans

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What really irks me is people who say poo instead of poop. So prissy and somehow even more distasteful.

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Definitely need an update to that extension.

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Can we get a version of this article without the SPAM?

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They were convicted, great!
Means nothing if/when they receive some sort of suspended sentence/probation.
We’ll see…

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