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At least somebody's getting hits at Fenway these days

Pair of jabronis went at it on Monday night, at least until the cops showed up. How far we've come from the Pizza Toss.

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At the old Garden at Bruins games I saw a few nasty fights. One night in the balcony two guys were fighting, and 2 security guards tried to break it up. All four of them went tumbling down the cement stairs. Lots of blood everywhere.
A Garden employee came up to the seats with a bottle of bleach and poured it all over the bloody spots . That was the entire clean up effort. I decided it was time to go home.

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Thank you Adam for giving me an excuse to read up on the history of "jabroni", and, particularly, the Rock's role for getting in the dictionary

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etymology of jabroni. I'm pretty sure I heard that term years before The Rock (and pro wrestling in general) was big enough nationally to bring it into broader usage. I recall it being shortened to jabron, like capicola became gabbagool.

This is from a kid who loved pro wrestling, though I was a lonely advocate in my early-teen peer group for the notion that it was all fake. "How can that ref not see what is going on?" Grrr.

To be fair, my friends in those days were not the brightest bulbs. I was the Poindexter of that crowd, the weakest street-hockey player of the bunch, but I ultimately won their respect with my superior knowledge of human sexuality, as I had read "Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex But Were Afraid to Ask". Thus I was able to debunk common notions like "Babies are born out the ass", and, "If you are banging a girl, and you let one drop of pee in her, you will kill her."

That was the first time in my life that book larnin' turned out to have social currency and power. Their faces the first time I quoted the book's advice on cunnilingus: literal dropped jaws. The nerd finally got some serious props, never lost them.

Back to slang: I did a gap year in Chicago, where I came to know and love the term "jagoff", which briefly baffled most of my new college friends when I came back east.

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My wife says that her highschool track coach in New York used the term quite often. That was back in the 80s. Digging a bit in to google, it seems the Iron Sheik may have made the first pop culture use of the word. It also seems it was a bastardization of the word jobber, which if you are a wrestling fan, you will know what that means.

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“You keep using this word jabroni, and… it's awesome.“

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