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Marijuana concern wants to build a grow facility in Hyde Park for proposed shops in Codman Square, West Roxbury

Lowkey Dispensary holds a meeting next week to introduce its plans to convert what is now a warehouse at 48-54 Walter St. in Hyde Park into a grow facility for the proposed dispensaries it has permission to open in Dorchester's Codman Square and wants to open on Washington Street in West Roxbury.

The WebEx meeting begins at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday.

Lowkey, owned by Jeff Similien of Hyde Park, is nearing completion of its first shop, at 571B Washington St. in Codman Square.

The company says it will seek formal city and state approval to open a dispensary at 5252 Washington St. in West Roxbury, in a strip of stores that includes the Fairouz restaurant and Lovely Nails.

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Puff puff give. Don’t bogart that joint. Magoo.

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... But the requirement that pot get grown in enclosed buildings using grow lights is stupid and environmentally terrible. We used to grow tobacco extensively out in the Pioneer Valley without issue.

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Called seasons up here in New England.

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I forgot how there aren't any viable farms in New England at all.

You also a windmills don't work when it's not windy so there's no point to having them guy?

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I'm a little confused by your statement, Parkwayne. As far as I know, there's no requirement that commercially produced cannabis in MA be grown indoors. For example, Nova Farms, out in the Berkshires, grows 90 acres of cannabis, all outdoors. If a cultivator can economically and effectively deal with the security and contamination issues that come with outdoor growing, then growing under the sun is a great option.

But while it doesn't make economic sense to grow the majority of commercial crops indoors under artificial light, there are exceptions, and cannabis is one of them. The harvested volume needed to support a decent sized business is rather modest, it can't currently be brought in from out of state (and our outdoor growing season is not super long), and its growth habits offer some significant advantages to growers using artificial light sources.

Cannabis will productively grow under almost continuous light. Of course many other plants also grow during long days, but usually their growth rate slows after the first several hours. But cannabis that sees 21 hours of light a day will grow very nearly half again as much as it would if it saw only 14 hours.

On the flip side, once its daily light is cut to 10-12 hours, cannabis will shift most of its energy right into producing flowers (bud). This means indoor growers can manipulate daily light exposure to produce a crop that's the size they want on the schedule they want. They can go through multiple crop cycles per year. Can't do that outside.

Also, inside it's possible to completely isolate female (ie bud-producing) plants from male pollen. Extremely hard to do that when growing outside. Seed-free equals high value crop.

And as I mentioned above, there are other advantages to growing inside. In MA there's stringent testing reqs to ensure the final product has no contaminants, pesticides, mold, solvents etc. Keeping that sort of stuff out of the crop is much much harder if the plants are growing out in the open. It's also a lot easier and cheaper to secure this very valuable crop if it's behind locked doors, instead of in a field somewhere.

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