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Mayor's picks for zoning board to finally get required City Council look over

A City Council committee chaired by Councilor Frank Baker (Dorchester) has scheduled a Monday hearing to consider Mayor Wu's plan to reshape the Zoning Board of Appeal by replacing most of its current members.

Wu announced her proposed slate of board members in September, but the council has to agree to the choices, after Baker's Planning, Development and Transportation Committee reviews them and makes recommendations to the council as a whole.

Wu wants to replace 10 of the current 14 regular and alternate members. The board, meeting with seven members at a time, considers most small and mid-sized development projects in the city, from people looking to add dormers to their attics or bedrooms in their basements to apartment and condo buildings.

Members appointed by Mayor Walsh agreed to stay on to continue hearings, except for longtime Chairwoman Christine Araujo, who resigned.

The hearing begins at 2 p.m. in the council's fifth-floor chambers.



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