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One of the men shot in Hyde Park triple shooting to be charged for all the guns and ammo police say they found in his home

Boston Police report that as part of their investigation into a triple shooting at 1 Rosa St. at River Street in Hyde Park Sunday night, they obtained a search warrant for one of the victim's homes and found:

A loaded .40 caliber Glock 23 handgun, a loaded 10 mm Glock 29 handgun, a .40 caliber 50 round drum, a partially loaded 9mm 30 round magazine as well as a total of 9 additional .40 caliber, 10 mm and 9mm magazines along with other ammunition.

That person - police said he was one of the two victims whom a relative took to the hospital - will be charged with various gun-related charges, police say. Police did not say if the residence was the one in front of which the shooting happened.

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My initial reaction to your headline was to wonder if he had a sufficient credit limit or bank balance to pay for all of that.

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