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Person hit, killed by train along Lansdowne Street

Boston firefighters responded to the Worcester Line train tracks that run along Lansdowne Street in the Fenway tonight on a report of a person hit by a train. Around 9:25 p.m., firefighters found the person's body under the train, stopped roughly near Jillian's at Lansdowne and Ipswich.



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You'd have to climb a fence to get to the tracks on Ipswich Street. I wonder what that person was doing on the tracks?

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For every death by Commuter Rail that we see reported, several others are kept under wraps. The belief is that the more "suicides by train" get reported, then the more people get ideas and want to copycat said suicide. Therefore, many MBTA deaths-by-trains go unreported in the media. They don't want to give ideas to copycats.

This person, sadly, wanted to die.

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It's not rare that one gets seriously hurt by trains or large vehicles.

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For every death by Commuter Rail that we see reported, several others are kept under wraps.

many MBTA deaths-by-trains go unreported in the media

Any actual reporting or sources on this, other than your own private fantasy? No , I didn't think so.

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but a person struck by a train is going to create a lot of police/fire/ems radio traffic regardless of the time of day. This obviously alerts the nighthawk scanner reporters who will respond to the scene and alert others. Then you have the fact that Transit crashes have a lot of bureaucratic investigations and paperwork that require public investigations.

Now if someone jumped off a tall building and died? The police aren't going to go out of their way to let the media know someone just committed suicide and if they looked for video they could get some graphic footage. Even the media sometimes respects those situations and won't report on it.

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No one ever "officially" verified that it was Mish Michaels that got hit by that train in Natick, or if it was purposeful, or any of it.

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My thoughts this moment are with the family and friends grappling with immeasurable loss and desperately looking for answers that they'll more than likely never find.

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My thoughts are also with the poor person who could see what was going to happen and tried desperately to stop a train that cannot be stopped in that short a distance, and who will likely deal with PTSD, nightmares, and guilt for the rest of their life.

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