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Police union fracturing over vaccination; some members accuse union head of being pals with the mayor

Live Boston reports a vice president of the Boston Police Patrolmen's Association has resigned and other members are trying to recall the rest of the union's leadership over the way it quietly negotiated a Covid-19 vaccination agreement with the city, unlike the unions representing firefighters and police superior officers and detectives, which have gone to court and out on the street in protest over the upcoming vaccination mandate.

In particular, angry members are angry that union President Larry Calderone negotiated a deal that only gives members two days off for getting a shot, time they have to take the time by the end of 2022. One officer even accused him of letting "his personal feelings for our Mayor" get ahead of the best interests of members.

Firefighters say if they don't get something in exchange for required Covid-19 shots they will take to the streets - but promise not to stand outside the mayor's house screaming about Hitler, 1/16/22.

In written decision, judge agrees with unions that city's unilateral imposition of vaccine mandate was unfair, but still gives city right to start it on public-health grounds, 1/15/22.

In new vaccine-mandate beef, firefighters union accuses police union head of being the lowest of the low, yes, anti-union; police union says, guys, wait, it's all a misunderstanding, 1/13/22.



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… must be disheartening and embarrassing for level headed cops who have no problem with the vaccine requirement.

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I don't think there can be too many of them if their ELECTED leadership continues to take stances that make the rest of us hate them.

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there’s a message here

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If you read the article or just paid attention in general. The elected leadership is extremely pro mandate and vaccine. The president of BPPA was re-elected and the cops are actually over 93% of workforce vaccinated. The little civil war is about whether to support the deal offered by Wu which doesn’t change anything or t reject the deal, which also doesn’t change anything but shows a United front with the firefighters, teachers and EMT’s.

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For people paying attention in general, they will notice that the public unions constantly use public safety concerns as a way to demand more, more, more. Firemen on drugs while on duty? Give us more money if you want drug testing. Police mingling with the public during an epidemic, give us two DAYS pay to get a jab. It's disgusting. And the majority of union members are responsible for leaders who take such positions.

If you want to get into the particulars of this situation, you'll see that the elected leadership is in hot water with it members for NOT being anti-vax enough (or greedy enough, you pick). So if you want to stick the particulars here, I'm not sure why I would conclude there are a bunch of "level headed cops."

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Carmen’s union too. Not sure why people always omit them….

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Y’all must be new to this country and the workings of police unions…

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Is he attracted to Mayor Wu?

This is wild stuff.

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The Boston Police Patrolmen's Association leadership has a long history of racism, religious and ethnic bigotry, and other kinds of hate and hateful lies. While I do know some cops, both active and retired, whom I respect, I have no respect for the union.

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Two days off for a shot? Damn. Nice (non) work if you can get it.

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And extra vacation days means extra overtime pay to cover those vacation days. It’s insane how greedy and overpaid cops are.

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I was in bed for 2 days after both my 2nd and 3rd shot, So coverage will be needed regardless.

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is with the 90+% of patrolmen who have already gotten vaccinated simply because they wanted to getting two extra vacation days (good for them!) and a bunch of police officers and firefighters spending a pile of their union dues on legal fees for nothing.

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Apparently the patrolmen voted to get nothing but pain and expense as well.

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Most of this has nothing to do with the vaccine mandate. It's all about, "What can we squeeze out of the city?" The cops got 2 free days but some people think they should have held out for more. Ridiculous.

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It's all about being pals with the mayor. Protecting the health of union members is an unintended side consequence.

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Trash. Blue lives matter, racist, bigoted trash. Cheering on the absolute worst police behavior, ignoring injustice and crime committed by police. Pure, unadulterated trash.

I take no small pleasure in watching the losers at Live Boston 617 beat against the waves of progress moving Boston away from its white supremacist roots — in which Boston police and fire fighters played (and still play) leading roles — that Live Boston 617 pines for. Fucking losers.

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They get great pictures, but they are obviously biased.

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There's a house that needs a good sweep.

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Where was the outrage and discontent when Patrick M. Rose Sr. was the
Union President of the Boston Police Patrolmen and stood accused of molesting numerous children?

Just wow... being required to get a vaccination generates all this outcry while kids getting raped draws yawns if it gets any attention at all... great

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Things you're allowed to like
* diddling children

Things you're not allowed to like
* a female mayor

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