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Race for DA could be referendum on Rachael Rollins

CommonWealth Magazine surveys the race for Suffolk County District Attorney so far, between Boston City Councilor Ricardo Arroyo, a Rollins supporter, and Baker appointee Kevin Hayden, who is more of a moderate.



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I honestly thought she did an ok job overall but the Tweets. Enough with the Tweets. I could also live without the road rage too. Most people would not have even really thought much of her term in a negative way if she just managed to not set everything on fire. Some people just should not be allowed by staff to use social media.

Overall I think Arroryo could manage to keep her hardcore supporters and pick up some new people if he can stay disciplined. Which I think he will.

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Arroyo is not Rollins redux. She was an experienced attorney who had prosecuted cases and served in a legal capacity as a manager in government.

Ricardo Arroyo has a grand total of 4 years of experience as a criminal defense attorney. His resume pales in comparison to Rollins’ and his opponent.

I think it could be a referendum on experience.

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Seems weird to claim that the election will be a "referendum on Rachael Rollins". There already was a referendum on Rachael Rollins, and it ended with her becoming elected DA. Now there will be a referendum on two other people.

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I suppose it might be more accurate to call it a referendum on the results of Rollins' policies, though. She never faced reelection so the voters never had a chance to express their opinion on her accomplishments or mistakes, depending on one's opinion.

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Major crimes are down in Boston for two years in a row. Statics here: https://bpdnews.com/?category=Crime+Stats. Granted, those are BPD supplied numbers, but if anyone has statistics to the contrary, please share.

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Yes, the coming election could not be a referendum on Rachel Rollins, as she won't be on the ballot, but a better phrase may be "a referendum on Rachel Rollins' policies."

That said, the 2018 Suffolk County DA election was not a referendum on Rachel Rollins, either. It was an open election where Rollins had the best organization that put her above other candidates, several of which held similar ideas on criminal justice. I mean, you could technically say that the general election was a referendum on Rollins, but to be clear, her "memo" didn't become public until late in the campaign, and I'm pretty sure that even the most conservative Democrat in the race would have beaten the independent, who didn't have a well run campaign.

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Would it be easier to just donate to the Mass Bail Fund instead of one of these campaigns?

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You probably shouldn't be making any political donations at all until you've done some more reading.

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