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Brookline tired of removing "Kidnapped" posters coated with petroleum jelly

According to an email sent to Brookline department heads and Town Meeting members, Brookline's town administrator Chas Carey is reaching out to residents to stop putting up the "Kidnapped" posters on public property in Brookline.

Brookline.news reports that the town sees the posters as any other unwanted public posting and has to take them down. This has spurred some of the poster hangers to follow advice found on TikTok to coat the posters in petroleum jelly and other slippery materials to make removal that much harder for Brookline DPW.

This seems to be what spurred Carey to action. In a statement to the website he said in part:

"The issue that prompted my outreach was not a specific message but a new posting method that made removal in the ordinary course of business difficult."


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Perhaps if the "enlightened" college "activists" who learned what Palestine was last week weren't tearing down posters of kidnapped grandmas and infants, people wouldn't have to resort to such measures.


That Hamas is holding 14 grandmas and 22 infants under the JFK Birthplace and in that building next to the Brookline Reservoir.

So keep them up.


You mean the Brookline DPW employees whose job is being made more difficult by people who are getting their instructions on TikTok? Or do you mean the "activists" who just decided that the people of Brookline have real influence in the Middle East, which they haven't used because they have no idea of what's happening anywhere outside of Massachusetts?

They're talking to the wrong people. Seriously. Write to your Congressmember, or the state's senators. Call the White House. Call whichever foreign government might have influence with Hamas. The Brookline Town Meeting can't help you here.


Maybe we can have an additional set of pictures of babies who have died in a hospital under siege? Where does it end?

Maybe Hamas, Israel, and all of you can discover the concept - become enlightened - of human rights sometime soon?