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Citizen complaint of the day: The raccoon in State Street station

It sounds like a charming children's story, but this is the T we're talking about, so it's probably chewing through the wires that keep the Blue Line running or something: A concerned citizen files a 311 complaint about the trash panda at State Street:

This raccoon was seen around 5:30pm on 11/3/23 at State Street T station at one of the blue line entrances to Wonderland. It then crawled into the light/ceiling.

No picture, so here's an earlier citizen complaint featuring a photo of tons of raccoons on a fence in the South End.



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But didn't say anything.

Some trashpandas have been hanging in that station for years. I suspect they sleep away most days and come out when there aren't so many people around to help with nutrient recycling of the contents of the trash.

The little masked dudes are exceptionally adaptable and have found a way to be in the most unlikely of spaces. Create a niche and they will move in and use it.

Just like rats ... but trash pandas are cuter.

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Ring tailed rat.

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One time a raccoon attacked Magoo when Magoo was stealth camping. Said raccoon jumped on Magoo’s hat and Magoo yelled out “wooop wooop wooop! Magoo.

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Very fine unrelated raccoons. 10/10, would link again.

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The rats at State Street are bigger than rabbits so it is survival of the fittest when it comes to which varmint rules in the underworld.

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Or State Street Corporation?

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