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Construction debris goes up in flames six stories up at old South Boston Edison plant

Fire ladders at old power plant

Boston firefighters responded to the old Edison generating plant at L and Summer streets in South Boston for burning construction debris about six stores up shortly before 8 p.m.

The plant is being demolished to make way for a 15-acre development of housing and office and research buildings.

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This place is cursed. It spewed poison into the air for a century and sickened and killed thousands of South Boston residents. Cancer, auto-immune diseases, you name it. Then the 2002 fire in the plant that scores of Boston firefighters got sickened from exposure and inhaling God knows what. Then the recent collapse where a number of workers were hurt, including a man who lost both of his legs. Now this latest incident. It looks like this building isn't done looking for more victims.

PS You mentioned residential development. As far as I know, the residential restriction on this property has not been lifted (yet).

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Humans will occupy this building for some purpose. I'm sure there are some serious exposure risks for the construction workers as they dismantle portions of this building.

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