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Drama around a dying tree at Jamaica Pond

Dying, but also sprouting, tree

The fatal trunk split on a prominent, unusually shaped tree on the parkway side of Jamaica Pond continues to spread, but the tree is trying so hard to hold on - its branches, seemingly rising from the pond itself, are now sprouting in green.

Meanwhile, written battles have broken out in the pages of the small notebooks somebody keeps tying to the tree - along with a pen - to let its fans say their goodbyes.

Boston Park Rangers have had enough - on April 15, they covered the fourth such notebook with a bolded plea to knock it off already:

Plea from city park rangers to remove the notebooks that have been there for several months now

Inside that notebook, a theological war has broken out, alongside some sort of math work:

Christian demand to worship Jesus or go to hell met with LOL from queer Jew who notes Jews don't believe in hell
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trees are wildly resilient.

my 90+ neighbor had a large tree fall in his front yard a few years ago. missed the house, no damage there, but it was only connected to the stump by a small section of wood fibers (maybe 5% of the tree's circumference).

the tree continued to sprout leaves for 2 years before it finally died for good last summer.

to quote Dr. Ian Malcom: "life, uh, finds a way"

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