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North End building with collapsed roof has to be torn completely down, city says

Abby Niezgoda at NBC Boston reports city inspectors have condemned the under-renovation building at 43 Fleet St. that partially collapsed last week and that it will have to be torn down. Still up in the air: What happens to the neighboring buildings connected to it. In 2019, a building around the corner on North Street also had to be torn down after partially collapsing.

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OK I guess, as long as they don't touch my molasses tank.

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I have some bad news about your tank, related to the fact that you really should have welded it instead of riveting.

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(Surely Musk is to blame.)

Regarding the building, I figured they might have to take the whole thing down when I heard that not only the roof but a couple of the other floors had collapsed. I guess that's part of the risk of being a real estate developer.

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wants it torn down because of their poor oversight of construction projects in Boston. This is not the first collapse at a construction site in the past 18 months.

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