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Police say Cambridge church fire was arson; feds joins investigation

Aftermath of fire at Lutheran church

Photos via FBI.

Cambridge, state and federal authorities say the six-alarm fire that destroyed the Faith Lutheran Church, 311 Broadway, is now being investigated as arson.

State Police, the state fire marshal's office, the FBI and ATF havs joined Cambridge Police in its investigation of the fire - and are seeking tips and any photos or videos people might have taken.

Tips can be submitted to 800-CALL-FBI (1-800-225-5324) or online at tips.fbi.gov.



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Anybody know if Varg was in town to run the marathon?

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I really doubt they would let him into the country. Murder and Arson of a Historic Building tend to block one from coming to America.

I did however see "Until the Light Takes Us" in Cambridge so maybe.

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He's also a vocal white supremacist, which isn't illegal, but isn't going to earn you any points in your favor in the US visa process. Twelve year old me thought the antics of the early Norwegian black metal scene were so badass. Current me realizes just how many chuds there were in that scene at that time.

At least Fenriz, Abbath, and Mortiis seem like interesting people who are not awful.

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Obviously Varg sucks. You guys are taking my joke a little too earnestly.

Fenriz kicks ass though:

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Is still in supermax, so ... not him, either.

But who knows what others like them are trying to make a name for themselves?

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