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Wily hawk eludes capture in BU garage

The Daily Free Press reports that Monday afternoon, police were called to the third floor of the above-ground Warren Towers garage, 700 Commonwealth Ave., on a report of a hawk. Police eventually called in Boston Animal Control, which was unable to capture the raptor.



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Why did it need to be captured? Does this garage not have enough large openings to the outdoors so it could find its own way out?

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He's not stuck, or at least he wasn't on Tuesday. Two doors were open on the third floor of the garage, and when I went up to my car in the evening he was sitting on the rail outside the garage, near one of the doors. When I approached, he ducked back into the garage. Maybe he and spouse are working on a nest nearby.

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Probably looking for feral guinea pigs. They're coming to a near you!

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