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Alleged PoS threatened to blow up synagogues, kill Jews last week but proved too stupid to not call from a traceable phone

An alleged anti-Semite from Millis was scheduled for arraignment today on federal hate-crime charges for calls he made last week to an Attleboro synagogue and two other Jewish institutions to threaten to rain death on them.

According to the US Attorney's office in Boston, John Reardon, 59, of Millis - a town with its own longstanding Jewish community - called Congregation Agudas Achim in Attleboro Thursday morning and left a voice mail that included:

  • "With supporting the killing of innocent little children, that means it's OK to kill your children;"
  • "From the river to the sea;"
  • "People are going to use your logic against you, you stupid f**ks;"
  • "Guess what? We are going to use your logic —if you can kill the Palestinians, we can kill you;"
  • "If you can bomb their f**king places of worship we can bomb yours, if you can kill their children we can kill yours;"
  • "You people need to stop the f**king genocide;"
  • "End the genocide, or it is time to end Israel and all the Jews;"
  • "I supported Jewish people though. Not anymore. A matter of fact I think we should kill you(s) all;" and
  • "Have a lousy day and oh don't be surprised if there's pig blood on your steps tomorrow."

The US Attorney's office adds that within 10 minutes after leaving that message, he called another area synagogue and "a local Jewish affiliated organization."

According to an affidavit by an FBI agent on the case, a synagogue employee heard the voice mail being left as they were walking into work around 8:45 a.m. and immediately called police.

Officers noted that that voicemail had been left by a person who appeared on the caller ID with the name "Reardon John" and with a specific phone number ending in 4333 ("the 4333 number.")

Officers noted that a person by the name of John Reardon had a recent call for service with the Attleboro Police Department, where he provided police with the 4333 number as his phone number.

Officers confirmed that the 4333 number was registered to a John Reardon.

Investigators from the Attleboro Police Department sought and obtained an arrest warrant for REARDON and placed him under arrest at 1:09pm on January 25, 2024.

The affidavit continues:

I am aware that REARDON is alleged to have previously made threats on at least two prior occasions, and thus he was aware of the implications of making threats to harm people. Specifically, in 2022, REARDON was investigated for leaving a threatening voicemail at a school for K-12 students in Framingham, Massachusetts. He was also charged for making violent threats to employees at a local bank in 2020.

Reardon now faces up to ten years in federal prison if convicted on a charge of using a facility of interstate commerce to threaten a person or place with harm via an explosive.

At a preliminary hearing today in US District Court in Boston, Magistrate Judge Paul Levenson ordered Reardon held until a detention hearing on Wednesday.

Innocent, etc.

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He wasn't picked up by Cambridge PD at University Hall. He would have fit right in.

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Back under the bridge with you.

Let's go over this again: Questioning Israel's activities in Gaza is not the same as hating Jews or wanting to kill Jews. Just repeat that until you get it. Or maybe go into Gaza yourself and report back on how all the dead children were just asking for it.

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One should wonder why the organization in political control of Gaza has so little concern over the fate of Palestinian children. Or are they just martyrs, a means to an end?

If the Israelis were really, truly indiscriminate in their war in Gaza, the death toll would probably be ten times what it is currently, if not higher. What do you expect when a terrorist organization decides to embed its activities/bases amid a civilian population? There's a reason why that's a war crime.

What needs to happen? Hamas needs to surrender and release the remaining hostages. The leaders responsible for 10/7 need to stand trial for war crimes. The U.N. or Arab League need to step in to govern Gaza with the goal of transitioning to a unified Palestinian state along with the West Bank, provided there are sufficient security guarantees for Israel that another attack like 10/7 will be prevented.

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All of the worst mass murderers in history had them. People who would bend over backwards to rep for genocide.

Sad that you are choosing to be one, rather than call them out.

Take your "just so" stories and cram them. This is mass murder of civilians. It cannot be justified. Your mental gymnastics win a perfect 10 from the Russian judge.

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You mean the people who decided to blame the Israelis for what happened on 10/7? Those babies who were beheaded were SO asking for it. How about the ones who thought a paraglider was an appropriate image on a pro-Palestinian protest flyer?

War and collateral damage are really $H!++y. But I can't blame the Israelis for wanting to root out those responsible for 10/7.

I mean, it's really rich that you don't seem to be able to call out genocide and war crimes when they're committed by your side. On 10/7, 1000+ civilians were killed by people who knew they were civilians and murdered them anyway.

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The rest point back.

What I don't understand is the outcry by Americans who accuse Israelis of committing genocide (a false accusation) but pretty much ignore the very real genocides in nations such as Uganda and Iran. The Uganda government wants to eliminate homosexuality from within its borders. International pressure resulted in a less evil law against gay people. But it's a law designed for oppressing, and quickly finding reason to judicially murder, gay people.

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There's specifically outcry from me, an American, because a country that purports to be a jewish state run by my co-religionists, supposedly steeped in the mantra of "never-forget", is using my tax dollars to perpetrate apartheid and now commit war crimes.

The Iranian government, the Ugandan government, the Russian government, The Sudanese government, the Nicaraguan government, the Chinese government, etc, etc etc are also bad but do not receive $3,000,000,000 a year+ in US funds and almost unquestioning support from the US government.

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I understand the argument that we have no influence on these other places so criticizing them is pointless, or that everybody knows that Russia and Iran do terrible things so it goes without saying, but it really does need to be said anyway. Only discussing the atrocities committed by friendly societies creates the impression that only those societies commit atrocities. It's a "Spanish flu" situation.

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If the Israelis were really, truly indiscriminate in their war in Gaza, the death toll would probably be ten times what it is currently, if not higher.

Your thinking bits are not working well. You should have that looked at, and in the meantime, refrain from displaying the problem in public like this.

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Let's get something straight. Regardless of what you think of Israel, that doesn't justify threatening or attacking Jews in the U.S. A Jew in Sharon has no more control over decisions made by the Israeli government than an Irish Catholic in Southie has over decisions made by the Irish government.

You want to protest Israel's actions? Go protest (non-violently, no bombs) outside the Israeli consulate. Attacking synagogues, Jewish day schools, and other Jewish institutions is unjustifiable and antisemitism.

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