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Goodness gracious, Government Center garage gone for good

Government Center garage gone

Nick Schmidt has a clear view of where the Government Center garage used to be, but which is finally gone after months of disruption to Green and Orange Line riders and nearby residents - and the death of one worker - to make way for another Bulfinch Crossing tower.



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oh just wait... they are just getting started.

Cant wait for the construction to start on the tower. Gotta put pilings in for the foundation... and so close to the T, I can foresee more shutdowns in the future.

I cannot believe there isnt mitigation ($) for all the inconvenience... if I had some cash and an attorney

Look from where the picture is taken. I believe the photographer may just be in a department at City Hall which handles stuff like approving things like this.

I could be wrong on the floor, but this is definitely taken from Boston City Hall and I am not saying that the BPDA occupies a top floor at City Hall, but.....

Nick identifies himself as a BPDA planner on his twitter profile.

the P is silent.

Nick Schmidt, Nick Schmidt, Nick Schmidt of the BDA, Nick Schmidt, Nick Schmidt, Nick Schmidt of the BD, Nick Schmidt of the BD, BD BD A-A-A.


I knew without even clicking on the link. Way to make that connection.

I didn't look at the twitter link. I just know Boston City Hall because I am a native.

By the way, Go Fuck Yourself.

It’s not your fault.

Really, John. You need a change of routine or something because you're getting worse.

They're not even close to commencing the enabling work for the final phase. There is no financing for it as with so many other projects that have their approvals. So don't hold your breath waiting on pile driving, site development, foundations, etc.

So what you're saying here is that we're stuck with another Menino's hole and I am forever waiting for the 111 in front of the Registry entrance until financing happens?

Gotta love it "lets tear something down even though we dont have the funds to build something there yet. We can just leave it a mess forever. No one will care. Fuck them T riders"

Let's be thankful for the open airspace for awhile.

Well,we could always leave that ugly, dilapidated parking garage up forever if you prefer.
I am glad to see it gone and look forward to the improvements that will come.
Enjoy that half-empty glass of bitters.

Debbie Downer
this is a great thing for the area and yet you have to bring up negatives instead of celebrating it, which was clearly the intent of the twitter post.

I don't like reservations for ice cream and I have the temerity to bring up what got us to this great moment in Boston history!

Is the number one killer of domestic cats.

When do we get Congress Street back?

It was supposed to be closed for 2 months -- from July 10, 2022 to Labor Day 2022. And yet here we are 19 months later and it's still closed.

News flash :-)

Then the opposite of progress must be...


a couple, couple couple less parking spots, (uh-huh)
at Government Center...

and to get around the closure on a bike, you have to ride against one-way traffic for at least a block, both ways. (Better that than ride on busy sidewalks.)

from North Station to Haymarket

nor would you want to here, for a distance of a few hundred feet.

the Orange Line.

I think you meant years of disruption.

I barely use that area but it feels like the demolition of that garage has been plaguing Boston for years.