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Green Line was shut for two weeks for badly needed repairs, it's reopened and a trolley derails

The MBTA switched back to bustitution between Copley and Babcock Street on the B Line this morning after a trolley derailed near Kenmore Square shortly before 9 a.m. Also:

Cleveland Circle and Riverside trains will terminate at Kenmore. Westbound service will be rerouted to the E Branch at Copley. Riders can also use local bus route 57 for service between Babcock St and Copley.

WCVB reports none of the passengers onboard the outbound trolley were injured when it went off the tracks.



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that tracks, but…

I’ll be here all week, try the fish.

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Will do. [Takes rod and reel to Morrissey Blvd]

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That’s news (aside from the 0450 trip).

Riders can also use local bus route 57 for service between Babcock St and Copley

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Of how badly government (public) services generally suck. The registry is another good example. The abysmal response to the homeless, addiction, and mental illness problem, despite spending BILLIONS across the country. The list is endless.

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… is the perfect example of how much unregulated free enterprise sucks.

Maybe, just maybe, some of this stuff is actually harder than it at first glance looks.

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has there ever been a cost benefit analysis to remove the ancient electrical systems and finicky tracks, not to mention the worn out vehicles?

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Surprise, surprise! *sigh*

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