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Looks like Steward Health Care will have to hire lawyers to defend it from a suit by lawyers who used to defend it

A Southborough law firm that says it used to defend troubled Steward Health Care against lawsuits involving employment discrimination and violations of the state consumer-protection law yesterday sued the company for not paying its bills.

In its lawsuit, filed in Suffolk Superior Court, Kenney & Sams, said Steward started slowing down payments in 2022 and now owes the law firm upwards of $605,000 for its representation of the company in dozens of state and federal lawsuits and legal actions.

The law firm is seeking an order that would make Steward pay at least what it owes, plus interest, plus treble damages.

Steward has until July 23 to answer the complaint.

Among Steward's holdings: St. Elizabeth's Medical Center in Brighton and Carney Hospital in Dorchester.

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What goes around comes around.

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That's got to be an awkward first meeting:

"So, on what grounds are you being sued?"

"Allegedly we didn't pay a bill."

"OK, and who was this bill from?"


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