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Man who was shot at 2023 New Year's party in Mattapan Square sues landlord

Melvin Gross, who says he was one of the two people shot at a party at 1601 Blue Hill Ave. shortly before 6 a.m. on Jan. 1, 2023, today sued the building's owner for allegedly failing to keep him safe.

The other person shot, Jymaal Cox, was declared dead at the scene.

In his suit, filed in Suffolk Superior Court, Gross charges that Stamatos Family Properties of Jamaica Plain "owed Plaintiff a duty to protect him from a foreseeable criminal attack" and that it failed to provide "security safeguards to prevent the Plaintiff from coming in contact with an active shooter during a criminal attack."

The complaint does not specify what the landlord did or didn't do.

Gross says he is owed at least $9,815.89 for hospital and ambulance expenses and $100,000 for negligent infliction of emotional distress.

Stamatos has until Aug. 18 to answer the complaint, court records show.

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This is why lots of people hate lawyers.

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… people need lawyers and hate landlords. Remains to be seen where this will go but Stamatos has a bad reputation.

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I think this guy figured he'd aim low and hope the landlord ponies up $10,000 for his hospital bill to make this go away.

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Maybe he'll sue the family of the deceased, Jymaal, for not taking an extra bullet to keep him safe.

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