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Sunrise over Franklin Park

Handmaid hoped to see some brilliantly colored clouds at daybreak in Franklin Park, but instead got a sign it's time to try to stay cool for the next few days. She quotes Laurie Anderson:

Sun's coming up.
Like a big bald head.
Poking up over the grocery store.
It's Sharkey's day.
It's Sharkey's day today.

Heat emergency, even.



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Or am I just Mrs Crabapple?
Text alerts from the city and state on the heat, and how to handle it.
The TV news station acting like the sun is going to burn us all up.

I mean..this isn't the antarctic, we get hot summers.


This is pretty early for these temperatures.


The data don't lie. Heat is a big problem and it is getting worse.

Lots of research in lots of places also shows that the earliest heat wave is often the deadliest.

Boston and the entire Boston Area have been kicking ass on keeping people from getting sick, dying, and going to the hospital because of the heat, despite a sharp increase in extreme heat days.

Enjoy the discounts on your insurance premiums. We aren't "going soft" - we smartened the fuck up and Boston in particular is ahead of the game for now.


It's not the heat, it's the humidity. j/k It's hot!