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Screenshot from the latest Boston-based video game, Dark Trolley

Inside a Green Line trolley with no lights on

Michael A. Burstein reports he was on an inbound C Line trolley this afternoon when it dipped into the tunnel between St. Mary's and Kenmore and suddenly the lights went off and all the riders were plunged into a nightmarish world where they had to outgun all the other riders - and a series of underworld wraiths, each worse than the one before. OK, OK, the driver rebooted the train, the regular lights came back on and the rest of the journey proved uneventful.



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It could be part of a series:"Idiot on the Tracks" "Which Switch is Which" "Take the Bus Instead" and "Who Needs Heat?"

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And in his stories being chased by shoggoths only happens on the Red Line.

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