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Texan gets three months for calling a Boston doctor to threaten to kill her during anti-trans frenzy against Children's Hospital

A federal judge today sentenced Matthew Jordan Lindner, 39, of Comfort, Texas, to three months in federal prison for calling a doctor at Fenway Health who focuses on "gender nonconforming youth" to tell her she would "burn" and that a posse was on its way up to kill her on Aug. 31, 2022 - the day after a woman from western Massachusetts locked down Children's Hospital and part of the Longwood Medical Area by calling in a bomb threat.

Lindner pleaded guilty to one count of interstate transmission of threatening communication in December. Catherine Leavy of Westfield, who called in the bomb threat to Children's, pleaded guilty in September to making a bomb threat; she's scheduled for sentencing next month. Both were acting on bogus online accounts that Children's was regularly castrating and performing hysterectomies on young children.

Lindner's sentence was a joint recommendation from prosecutors and his lawyers, who otherwise painted dramatically different pictures of the guy in urging US District Court Judge William Young to go along with their recommendation.

Prosecutors started by reminding Young of just what Lindner said in voice messages at both Fenway Health's National LGBTQIA+ Health Education Center and at a university in Rhode Island where the doctor teaches:

You sick motherfuckers, you’re all gonna burn. There’s a group of people on their way to handle [Victim 1]. You signed your own warrant, lady. Castrating our children. You’ve woken up enough people. And upset enough of us. And you signed your own ticket. Sleep well, you fuckin’ cunt.

So, prosecutors continued:

Lindner called Victim 1 to make her live in fear. His anonymous and menacing voice message was not a well-intentioned statement about his desire to protect children from alleged abuse, as he contends. It was a cowardly criminal act designed to strike fear in the heart of a person he had never met. As such, it had lasting effects on the victim and the community. For those reasons, Lindner’s felony conviction is appropriate, and the Court should sentence him to serve 3 months in prison.

Lindner's attorneys, though, tried to portray him as a salt-of-the-earth, kind-hearted gentle person who not only has gay friends but one transgender friend as well, who comes from the best kind of stock - his ancestors founded the town and when Texas seceded, they remained loyal to the Union, even though that meant many would be "summarily executed" by Confederate soldiers for refusing to sign loyalty oaths.

And, they continued, Lindner was so good and decent and kindhearted, he would do anything to protect the innocent. Why, there was that time an ornery fugitive was about to enter a diner filled with women and children and Lindner stopped him with his bare hands, not only protecting all the innocents in the diner, but keeping assembled police with long guns from opening fire on the guy.

And so when he took a break from "bailing hay in a field in Atascosa County" one hot August day and watched a "news" account about alleged horrors at Children's Hospital in Boston, he was only acting out of that same gentle kindheartedness to protect others, in this case, children, when he found the doctor's name and phone numbers and called her to threaten her life, they wrote, adding he also called his local police to demand they do something about those evil doctors 1,500 miles away.

Yes, they continued, it was a mistake to call her a vile term and threaten to kill her, his parents certainly didn't raise him to speak like that, so he should spend three months behind bars as atonement, but, shucks, he never actually intended to come up to Boston and kill a doctor.

As soon as he learned that the "news story" was false he became concerned for the doctor and was focused on the fact that the perpetrators of the false "news story" where continuing to cause the doctor unwanted attention and opprobrium. He now regrets not vetting the news story or not doing something earlier, even before he made the call at issue, to learn that the story was false.

In addition to the prison time, Young sentenced Lindner to three years of probation and ordered him to pay the doctor $2,986 as restitution.

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his ancestors founded the town and when Texas seceded, they remained loyal to the Union, even though that meant many would be "summarily executed" by Confederate soldiers for refusing to sign loyalty oaths.

I wonder how his ancestors feel about having a felon in their family now over this issue: Or that salt of the earth existing family that raised him so well?

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Also, what his family did and what stock he came from have no bearing on the case. He should get jail time.

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Seriously. Are his ancestors on trial? Are they the ones who phoned in death threats based on a transparent (no pun intended) lie? No, they are not.

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Redneck gets 90 days for causing anxiety on parents / staff / sick children. One of my children had to be operated there when he was almost 2. I was scared stiff and this POS induces fright into a situation where people are already in a bad place to begin with?

Seems a bit lenient to me.

I hope he suffers a lot in jail to be honest with you.

If you want to make life cheap, be careful when it comes back your way.

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Sentencing is usually based on various factors. Each factor is scored. The total score than provides the judge with guidance as to the sentencing. This is based on Federal law. Look into Federal sentencing to understand how this works.

A prison sentence is just the begging however, The guy will now have to report to a Probation officer at least monthly if not weekly. That probably means urine tests. If the guy used to use marijuana then he best stop. If urine tests were part of the sentencing then showing up positive for use of any substance still illegal under Federal law can mean a return to prison. If it turns out that the guy was drunk when he made the calls then his alcohol consumption may be an issue of his supervision. Add finally that for the rest of his life he is a convicted felon. Never a positive thing for finding employment. And of course, if the guy does this again then his sentence will be longer due to a prior conviction.

In a society where few people can ever live off gird a criminal conviction is a brand. It is a scarlet C that the owner will wear for the rest of their life.

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but I agree, the sentence is much too short, if even just for a deterrent to someone trying this shit again.

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Further proof there is no such thing as a remotely decent GOP MAGA. Every single one is a pathetic disgrace to the human race.

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And so when he took a break from "bailing hay in a field in Atascosa County" one hot August day and watched a "news" account about alleged horrors at Children's Hospital in Boston,

What is this, a section from the book "Little House on the Prairie"?

Even fucking Mary Ingalls, who was blind as a bat, could see through this nonsense.


The sentence is not long enough.

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Someone who would make such a threat presents an ongoing problem to the public well-being. I mean, think about it. Leaving aside the question of just how many lead paint chips you ate as a child to believe that children were being castrated and undergoing hysterectomies, if your addled brain sincerely believed that such harm was being done, what is the appropriate course of action if you wanted to fix this? There are a number of possibilities, but "call the doctor that you believe is doing this and threaten them" is not one of them. The substance and nature of the disagreement is just part of the issue; the manner in which this individual chose to resolve it points to an ongoing threat to society, any time this idiot's prominent buttons are pushed by anything at all.

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Such an obsession with the genitalia of children should land him on the sex offender list at the very least.

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