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Those new Red Line cars sure are sporty


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T workers who don't have take home cars will drive to work in their private vehicles and park them inside the stations. Andrew station always has a dozen illegally parked cars. I can't blame them there is no enforcement and they know if they take the T to work, they will be late due to the shoddy service.

I've seen T employees park in the tunnel there before.

There were two cars (neither of them this one) parked there last Thursday evening, as of 9 pmi-sh. Given the bright green vest of the guy getting out of one of them, I assumed it was related to the Red Line maintenance work.

Spitballing here: could the T maybe install a gate across the busway entrance and put transponders on the buses that would make it open?

MBTA buses already have transponders, but they don't need a working transponder to work as buses. Right now, the MBTA will leave a bus in service if everything except the transponder is working, which I think is the right decision.

They also need to reboot the buses moderately often, mostly at the beginning of a trip. So, potentially every route in the Harvard busway except the 86 to Sullivan. Fortunately, the software that's rebooting isn't necessary to the bus working as a bus, only to reporting its position and collecting fares. Sometimes the driver just waves everyone on until, two or three or ten minutes later, the farebox starts working. (For all my complaints about the MBTA, this is one thing they get right: it's more important to transport passengers than to collect $1.70 from the minority of passengers who don't have monthly passes.)


I’d never be caught driving an Infiniti. Although, I’d pay good money for this type of VIP parking.

… would be worth it. Lol!

Adam, could you add disclaimer text at the bottom of the photo like Superbowl car ads?