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Uber surge pricing has gotten a tad out of hand

Ride share screen showing price between Somerville and Revere - $1.5 million

AzulasKeeper show us the price of an Uber ride from Somerville to Revere this morning.

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I would just take the train at that point

To drive on the Revere Beach Parkway, too.

I never paid $40 for a cab from Fort Point to the airport. You new once ride shares eliminated the competition their rates would rise.

Ok. But wait. I'm not a fan of Uber. I do not own a car. I take the Orange Line (yes, and have become beaten down by it after 40 years) and support my taxi drivers at Forest Hills to the point where they've become part of my circle. I will say that traffic is so horrendous in Boston that health insurers and the lawmakers should move on a new mental illness called Commuter Syndrome caused by chronic traffic congestion. Therefore, Uber probably revised their pricing due to the fucked up gasoline guzzling traffic crisis in Boston.

I wonder if you get to keep the car.