Beware waterspouts tomorrow

The National Weather Service is cautioning that tomorrow might not be the best beach day: A front moving in after midnight could bring rain and possibly worse, the NWS warns:

There is the threat of flooding with heavy rain.

In addition, accompanying thunderstorms could be strong to severe. Threats of gusty winds and possibly even a brief spin up of a waterspout or tornado.

While all of Southern New England is at risk, greatest concern is along a south to north line centered along and around the RI / CT border through the eastern half of MA.

Haymarket worker was offering more than just produce, police charge

Boston Police report arresting a Revere man on drug charges yesterday after they say officers watched him sell some drugs on Blackstone Street, walk over to a Haymarket tent and then sell some more drugs an hour later. Read more.


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Planned Parenthood in Allston gets a new escort thanks to the gross protesters

Mike Mennonno checks in from his usual Saturday-morning coffee spot - the Caffe Nero on Commonwealth Avenue in Allston, next to the Planned Parenthood clinic, where the scrum of protesters have been allowed into the usual no-protest zone because of ongoing roadwork:

So they shuffle around with their signs. One is taking snaps of people coming and going. They laugh and chat. Old friends. This is their Saturday morning coffee klatsch.

It’s a cast of mostly shriveled old men in wrinkled old clothes who look like they fell out of a cardboard box under a bridge after a 37-year bender, smoked a pack of Pal Mals and thought “well, got nothing better to do today than wear a sandwich board with someone’s miscarriage slathered all over it and harass the ladies!”

They all look like child molesters. Every. Last. One.

So to make a long story short: I just signed up to be a clinic escort.

Armored-car driver arrested for blocking bicycle lane in Cambridge

Cambridge Police report an armored-car driver from New Bedford not only refused to move his wide vehicle out of a Mass. Ave. bike lane yesterday, he gave an officer some lip about it: He was arrested on charges of disorderly conduct, blocking a bicycle lane and refusing to produce his license and registration.

Hyde Park man charged with fatal Mattapan Square stabbing

Kenton Thomas, 32, was arraigned today on a murder charge for the June 1 fatal stabbing of Jocelin Nordeus on River Street in Mattapan Square, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

Dorchester Municipal Court Judge Jonathan Tynes ordered Thomas held without bail, the DA's office reports.

Innocent, etc.

Never mind the bikes: Here come the rental scooters

Scooters on the loose.

John Christian spotted these electric scooters for rent at Assembly Row in Somerville today - after being banned, at least temporarily, in San Francisco.

The Globe reports these Bird scoooters, which can be unlocked for riding via a smartphone app, got dropped in Somerville, Cambridge and Providence today. The Globe quotes a Somerville city spokesperson who said the DPW will round them up for disposal if they get left in places where they'd impede pedestrians, cyclists or motor vehicles.

In San Francisco, the scooters suddenly showed up as well, several months ago. City offcials ordered thm off the streets until they could figure out what to do about problems that included people riding them on sidewalks, blocking sidewalks and vandalizing them.

Boston, at least has a precedent for possible scooter regulation: Rules, established several years ago, that ban Segway tours from city sidewalks.