Five finalists for MLK and Coretta Scott King memorial on Boston Common announced

"The Embrace" by Hank Willis Thomas and MASS Design Group

The city and MLK Boston yesterday released the five finalists for a proposed memorial to the civil-rights leader and his wife - both of whom studied in Boston, where they met - on Boston Common.

Drawings of the five proposals are now on display at the BPL main library in Copley Square. They vary in size - one would include large walkways in black stone that would continue across Beacon Street to the grounds of the State House - and proposed location on the Common.

In addition to the Embrace (more info), the finalists are:

Avenue of Peace by Yinka Shonabare (more info):

Proposed MLK memorial on the Common

Boston's King Memorial by Adam Pendleton, Adjaye Associates, Future\Pace and David Reinfurt (more info):

Proposed MLK memorial on the Common

Empty Pulpit Monument by Barbara Chase-Riboud (more info):

Proposed MLK memorial on the Common

he Ripple Effects by Wodiczko + Bonder / Maryann Thompson Architects, with Walter Hood (more info):

Proposed MLK memorial on the Common

MLK Boston survey on the proposals.


Citizen complaint of the day: The East Boston gas smell that won't go away

A concerned citizen files a 311 report about the intersection of Saratoga and Bennington streets in East Boston:

Smell like Gas!!! Please send a competant gas crew to investigate this god damn gas leak that has been in this intersection for weeks.these useless contractors come here and barely check anything..the public is scared .is anyone listening


Mystery fish on Milk Street, mustard-tossing seagull on Devonshire Street

AndHono looked down from the window of her office on Milk Street between Broad and India this afternoon and spotted a fish just lying in the gutter, and wondered, as one does, how it got there.

Uber, somebody suggested. Osprey, somebody else theorized. Given the weather, maybe Carpnado?

Wendy Cullivan had no idea. But it reminded her of something that once happened to her on Devonshire Street:

A seagull once dropped a submarine sandwich roll when I was bombing down Devonshire St. The roll was loaded with nothing but mustard. Roll smacked me in the face, then hit the street & splattered mustard all over me. The seagull was flying dangerously close the entire time.


Cold winds failed to stop hot tempers at waterfront restaurant; fight outside in a blizzard sent man to hospital with broken nose

Tue, 03/13/2018 - 21:10

Two tables that had been trash talking each other enough to bring the manager over to see if everything was OK got more physical outside, where a member of one party sent a member of the other party to the hospital with a broken nose and a swollen forehead - in the middle of a snowstorm. Read more.


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There's a reason everybody's phones beeped this morning

Mama and the National Weather Service warned us there'd be days like this. Tony Ursillo shows us some flash flooding in Norwood, of the sort the NWS sent out a warning about.

Norwood flooding

In Cambridge, Mike Roberts pondered that old NWS advice to "don't drown; turn around" on a street with a suddenly appropriate name: