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Brookline gets smart, changes arrive at meters near Fenway Park

Parking is a delicate subject, one that our elected officials like to ignore because changes usually result in anger, as few people are rational when it comes to discussing meters. Last year, Brookline commissioned a parking study and are actually going through with the suggestions. New hours, new prices and new meters come into effect on April 1st, 2011.

The problem:
Red Sox fans.

Under the current system, a red sox fan, driving to the stadium has a choice. Pay $30 to stick their car in a lot right by the stadium, and deal with the traffic to arrive and leave.... or pay $1.50 to park in Brookline and not deal with traffic.

The choice is obvious.

Fans arrive at 4pm, insert two hours worth of money in the meter ($1.50) and are free to stay as long as they want (well, not overnight).

Meanwhile, those wanting the spaces to hit the restaurants or supermarkets are out of luck. Those cars wont be moving for four or five hours.

Remember, the parking meter was invented to create turnover. 2 hour limits mean the spaces are for customers and not space-hogs.

The solution:

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