Teen shot to death in Dorchester

Boston Police report a 19-year-old was found shot outside 57 Wheatland Ave. in Dorchester around 6:40 p.m. He was taken to Boston Medical Center, where he died. Police do not believe there is a connection with another teen's murder about two hours later in Mattapan.



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There really is no drive to

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There really is no drive to try and mitigate the prob of violence in the well known trouble spots of Boston's "hoods", its hard traveling throughout these parts as an unaffiliated young person....or as older/tourist/wtvr target of opportunity. So blame TV, socio-economics, PARENTING, its not gonna go away and not just localized to Boston. Just look at the national stats (surely a problem worth addressing during campaign season)
This is an endemic through out the nation, that needs to be addressed, and not just treated as symptoms of living in shitty areas. Do you really trust those hordes (the entitled wiley YOLOs) I dont.

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