Sought for slicing man's throat in elaborate JP robbery

CareyBoston Police have put out an APB for Matthew Carey, wanted for his participation in a Sept. 15 armed robbery on Lamartine Street.

Jamaica Plain Patch has the background on the incident, in which a former worker at the Dedham Whole Foods trusted his former supervisor - with whom he'd regularly smoked pot - to help him sell his phone, only to wind up being robbed by him and two other guys at knifepoint.

Police report:

Suspect acting in joint venture with two other known suspects dragged the victim into a metallic silver jeep. [Carey] then robbed the victim of his personal belongings, cut the victim's throat with a knife/razor and threaten to kill the victim. The suspects released the victim a short time later.

If you happen to see him, you can contact BPD detectives at 617-343-5628.

Innocent, etc.



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If you read the Patch report

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You'll see they actually caught the supervisor pretty quickly. As for this dude, hey, it happens, people go on the lam ...

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Sounds like a typical 'business transaction' on Lamartine Street.

Just saying.

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