Townie clerk takes no crap: Wrestles gun away from would-be robber

Boston Police report a guy who'd just robbed the Main Street Tedeschi at gunpoint shortly before 6 p.m. yesterday went across the street to Charlestown Liquors and tried sticking it up as well:

As officers entered the liquor store, they observed several people, including the suspect, in an altercation at the front counter. Further investigation revealed that the suspect had robbed the Tedeschi’s at gunpoint and then attempted to rob the liquor store. Officers spoke to the victim who stated that the suspect walked up to the counter, produced a black handgun, and pointed it in her face. The victim then grabbed the firearm and struggled with the suspect to remove the firearm from his possession. The victim called for help from her fellow employees who assisted, successfully taking possession of the firearm.

The gun turned out to be a BB gun, police say. Raymond Santos, 49, was charged with armed assault with intent to rob, assault by means of a dangerous weapon and armed robbery.

Innocent, etc.



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