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Police look for gunpoint rapist in Jamaica Plain

Boston Police report a woman was attacked at gunpoint around 1:40 a.m on Gay Head Street.

According to the victim:

The suspect approached her, displayed a firearm, demanded her cell phone and then instructed the victim to walk with him into a backyard in the area of 24 Gay Head Street where the victim says the suspect sexually assaulted her. The victim describes the suspect as either a light-skinned black or Hispanic male with light-colored eyes, with a mask pulled up over his nose, wearing a black hooded sweat shirt with a white logo on the front and black jeans. According to the victim, the suspect was last seen running down Arklow Street towards Walden Street.

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Call the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center's 24-7 hotline at 800-841-8371!

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Pepper spray is now legal without a permit.

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