Man found shot in the chest on Tremont Street near Northampton

Around 4 p.m., found in the lobby of 791 Tremont St., although he may have been shot on Northampton Street towards Shawmut Avenue.



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This block has a disportional

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This block has a disportional number of people turning up with bullet holes in them the past month. What is this the 3rd or 4th person shot there this month?

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this area is unique in boston

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this is one of very few complete high density neighborhoods in Boston with a significant level of violent crime. It seems worse because these events don't happen as nearby as Claremont Park or even Huntington.

when i lived in the area i did some rough calculations.

i drew a circle around ruggles with an area of 1 square mile and compiled the homicides, shootings, and shots fired incidents for this region over a period of 5 years. then i compared it to other neighborhoods on a per capita basis

this neighborhood fell between hyde park and east boston in terms of safety. nothing outrageous but more violent than most of the others

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Heard approx. 5 shots fire in

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Heard approx. 5 shots fire in rapid succession. A moped that the victim was thought to be using is currently in the roped off area on Northhampton St near the possible casings. Victim ran into the Piano Craft Guild apt building.

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