Shots fired on Shawmut Avenue

Around 10:20 p.m. at Shawmut Avenue and Camden Street.



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stabbing of 14 year old in dudley by six perps!

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I looked for this information to be on the news and online. No such thing, but they have an new police station down there as well as the school department. An 14 year old was stabbed. Police tape everywhere. Witnesses!! Where is it on the news? Why is it being hushed?!!!

Because money is coming into the state? Then you have the heroin crisis! Why are our politicians catering to outside money?

A 14 year old child was attacked by six perps and the six perps had knives. Cutting and slicing him. The officers where trying to slap the 14 year old awake. To try to keep him alive. From what I heard when I was coming through the area taking a bus!!

Did you hear this? If not, WHY?!!! LOOK INTO IT!

We have violence and heroin. All hush hush. Why?!! Catering to the rich?!

This is OUR CITY! OUR state!!! Now they want to give narcan to everyone as if it is normal? Why are they hiding this shit?!

Catering to big money! No one can find housing. Rents on the rise!!

Death all around us! Drugs and violence but our politicians that we keep afloat are ignoring these problems? Pitting one against the other.

Go back to how you grew up and how nice it was. How we had no major problems but a bit of racism. Even then, we had respect for each others spaces. We got past that. It was live and let live.

Now find that story with the stabbing in dudley the afternoon of august 8th. They cant put that on the news with that big ole fancy police station they just built down there. a

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Really? You all got along? I

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Really? You all got along? I think folks just disposed of the bodies better and no one heard a word about it until decades later. You still have guys walking around Southie who freely admit to organized crime killings back in the day.

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I heard this happen.

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I heard this happen from my apartment. It is becoming quite common on this street this summer. This time, though, there was nearly zero BPD response. They sent a cruiser and that was that. It didn't make me feel very safe at all.

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Half dozen shootings in a one

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Half dozen shootings in a one block radius within roughly a month. Reaction from the local media outside of UHub?


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