Four stabbed in overnight fight downtown

The Globe reports a fight overnight on Spring Lane left three women and a man stabbed.

Boston EMS Incidents reports the stabbings were around 3 a.m.

Workers arriving downtown for work this morning found blood and police tape everywhere.



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Marty is more concerned with

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Marty is more concerned with pandering to the national DNC and funding for pie in the sky causes with city funds rather than dealing with what he can really do something about: our city's very serious homeless and substance abuse problems.

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I have a theory as to why

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I have a theory as to why Martin W. is giving the homeless addicts the cold shoulder. And I am truly sincere when I say this. I am a recovered alcoholic and drug addict. I have almost 6 years of sobriety (with several relapses the first fee years which is common). I practice the 12 steps, go to my meeting regularly, and work tirelessly to help other addicts in the program. It is very common to see some fellow recovered addicts with long term sobriety to have a harsher attitude, almost a deep hatred, toward active using addicts like the ones we see everyday on our streets. This thinking is what is getting in the way of Martin W.'s way of trying to help the situation of things like the Long Island Shelter and the demise of Methadone Mile, Boston Common, and North Station. He needs to work his own longterm sobriety a little better so he can handle the City's crisis of homeless addicts

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I gotta disagree

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If anything, the administration (and frankly society as a whole) has been enabling those with opioid addiction. Sure, Walsh inherited the drug issues on the Common, and the term Methadone Mile has been in use for at least a decade, but what has he done to clean those places up? Surely the police would have probable cause to search the people gathered in those drug hot stops and get them in jail, but instead they are being treated gently, hoping they will get treatment on their own. We should be treating this like we treated crack back in the day.

Also, the drug treatment facilities on Long Island have been reopened on the mainland. It's just that there is more demand for the services.

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There's been an awful lot of crime these past few weeks, it's bad optics for the Amazon bid.

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I think the rain must have

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blurred your sarcasm-detection goggles--pretty sure he's not buying the glittering mecca line. Though having a restaurant that serves "tinned fish" is so uh...glittery.

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We don't need the tax payers funding an Amazon bid.

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