Police: Guy pulls out loaded gun in argument outside Mattapan library, is arrested after foot chase

Boston Police report arresting Brajon Brown, 18, of Mattapan, after a BPD captain noticed him "threatening another male with a long-barreled revolver" on the sidewalk in front of the Mattapan BPL branch on Blue Hill Avenue Thursday afternoon.

According to police:

When the captain went to intervene, the suspect fled on foot across Blue Hill Avenue and down Hazelton Street. With the assistance of numerous additional responding officers and several concerned citizens, the suspect was tracked to 89 Tennis Road where he was placed in custody without further incident.

Police say officers found a loaded .22-caliber Model 686 revolver along his route of flight. He was charged with, among other things, unlawful possession of a firearm and unlawful possession of ammunition, police say.

In 2007, the Globe profiled Brown, then 7, and his 12-year-old brother, about their life on the street as budding gang members.

Innocent, etc.



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Sick and Tired

18 years old.........I'm so sick and tired of reading about young people with guns...And the deaths by guns in the wrong hands.

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Guess what?

The US House just voted to let people with guns that are legal to concealed carry in certain states follow the laws of those states when in other states.

Brace yourself for little shitheads with Texas ID cards running around heavily armed.

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How does someone from another

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How does someone from another state with a legal handgun affect the murder rate in the city Boston?

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I already told you

Go read what the US House of Representatives just voted on.

They specifically want people who live in states with no gun control laws to be able to wander around in states that do have strong gun control laws with their glocks hanging out.

You might want to read some news sometime.

That's aside from the people who purchase in bulk in shithole states and then sell under the table in states like MA and NY.

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You really think all the

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You really think all the losers walking around committing crime aren't already federally prohibited persons and have licenses or other qualification in their home state?

You haven't been able to lawfully purchase a handgun until age 21 since the 1968 Gun Control Act passed.

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He and so many other young men should

Brajon Brown should be inside the library reading, studying or tutoring a young boy, instead of outside with a gun

I hope Brajon gets some help to find new friends, start over and have a good life.

So we won't be reading about him getting shot or shot and killed, or arrested for murder.

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The link to the article which

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The link to the article which describes him actively participating in gang life starting in ELEMENTARY SCHOOL doesn't bode well for this kid.

Sometimes I think the best thing for these kids would be to send them far away to vocational schools out in the wilderness or at sea. Starting anew somewhere far away with new social, societal, and surrogate family structures is likely the only way some of these kids ever have a shot at any sort of life divorced from career criminality.

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Purchasing a handgun out of

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Purchasing a handgun out of state is a federal offense. Straw purchasing is a federally offense. Felons can't posses a gun without it being a federal offense. Gun show dealers run the same federal and state checks retail stores do in accordance with federal law. There is no 'loophole' it's a fabrication.

The issue is not the law. It is the lack of effective enforcement. Charges are rarely referred up to the feds. The state routinely lets career felons walk on multiple changes. The 'toughest law's are meaningless when they are not meaningfully enforced. The state goes all in on prosecuting grandpa's unsecured WW2 bring back when he leaves it out after calling 911 for a heart attack while cleaning it, but Mr. Armed robber on his 3rd warrant this year gets a GPS bracelet and a finger wag.

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Please explain why the

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Please explain why the Suffolk county DA keeps allowing felons in illegal posession of firearms to plead out or otherwise face minimal to no consequences for strings of offenses.

Please explain why known straw purchasers and traffickers do little or no time.

Please explain felons are virtually never passed up to the feds for federal charges. (Operation Exile was a major success in 1990s Boston. Why isn't it repeated?)

Please explain why the AG, Senate President, and Speaker of the House can keep sticking it to licensed gun owners but can't be bothered to call for or fund the Mass State Police anti-gun-trafficking unit authorized in 2014 legislation?

The state has the power to crack down on real offenders and choses not to because it requires effort and risk. The leadership prefers to have press conferences which take advantage of public ignorance of the subject to look like they are doing something by cracking down on the people who are already obeying existing laws. It's really no different than a 'zero tolerance policy' teacher throwing the book at an Eagle Scout for having a swiss army knife in class while ignoring the bully with a switchblade.

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