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Man shot to death in Dorchester

Murder scene

Evidence markers at murder scene. Photo by KMV.

Boston Police report the victim was David Charlebois, 48.

Boston Police report a man who appeared to be in his 20s was shot at Lenoxdale Avenue and Hill Top Street around 3:15 a.m. He was taken to a local hospital, where he was pronounced dead.


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New's cameras are at Gallivan & Hallet St I live on Hallet off and on with family was just talking to my friend Tuesday about how it feels different around here this year I've lived of Bowdoin St Codman sq & mattapan sq not saying it's anywhere close to over there but if you have lived in any of those 3 places you know the feeling I'm talking about I was just at my friends 17 yr old sons funeral yesterday he was one of the teens murdered in Mission Hill a few weeks ago not a good feeling.

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Condolences to your friends and their family. Four teens shot to death in the city just since Oct. 31

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Losing a loved one or friend is painful as it is, but when somebody that young is taken away, especially in cold blood like that, it's even more painful. All my condolences.

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I have only followed Boston crime since 2012, but this year has been the worst by far. You can turn scanner on any day of the week and listen for just one hour and hear at least one shotspotter activation or possible shots fired call. The city is closing in on 60 homicides this year and probably 100+ full-notifications shootings (the only reason these people survive us because Boston has the best hospitals in the country). Shootings barely make the news given their frequency this year. BPD will always claim crime is down because less people are being raped and robbed, yet more people shot and more people killed.

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