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Man missing some front teeth sought for beating Roslindale market employees in robbery

290 Cummins Hwy A&B


Boston Police report they are looking for a man they say held up the Cummins Market, 290 Cummins Highway, between Hyde Park Avenue and American Legion Highway around 2:20 p.m. on Wednesday afternoon.

Police say the suspect beat two workers in the robbery before running down American Legion Highway towards Mt. Hope Street.

The suspect was described as a black male with a bald or shaved head, approximately 38 to 40 years old, about 6' tall and 220 pounds with a stocky build. A witness also reported he had missing bottom front teeth. Surveillance video showed that the suspect was wearing a hard hat and orange work vest over a navy coverall jumpsuit, gray hoodie, and "Timberland" style work boots.

If he looks familar, contact E-18 detectives at 617-343-5607 or the anonymous tip line by calling 800-494-TIPS or texting TIP to CRIME (27463)

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How about that sky gondola, amirite?

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It's too bad private developers don't want to spend $100m on better security for a convenience store in Roslindale (where crime is near all time low rates.)

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What does that even mean?

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Anyone recently asking for front-teeth dental work and paying cash ...

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