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Police: Chicago man robs South Boston bank, is arrested later while trying to scam a ride to the airport from cops


Boston Police report arresting a Chicago man - who seems to like coming here to cause trouble - for the robbery of the East Boston Savings Bank branch on Southampton Street in Andrew Square yesterday.

Police say Eugene Davis, 54, limped into the branch around 1:10 p.m. and handed a teller a note that said he had a bomb and he wanted money. After he got some, he limped out of the bank and disappeared before officers arrived.

Around 6:35 p.m, police say, Davis got brazen, and called 911 from 441 Old Colony Ave. in the Mary Ellen McCormack development to report he'd just been robbed.

Detectives spoke to the supposed victim who stated that he had been attacked and robbed by a group of people inside of an apartment. The victim, who walked with a distinct limp, refused medical treatment and stated he wanted a ride to Logan Airport so he could return to Chicago. Detectives immediately recognized the victim to in fact be the suspect in the earlier bank robbery. The suspect was promptly taken into custody. Officers recovered the stolen money from the suspect’s person.

Davis was charged with armed robbery, police say, adding it turns out he was also wanted out of West Roxbury court on charges of aggravated assault, assault and battery by means of dangerous weapon and assault and battery - and was wanted out of Quincy court on a warrant for larceny over $1,200.

Innocent, etc.




I had wondered why there were "this location closed" signs taped to the drive-thru and lobby windows last night when I pulled in to use the ATM.

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He is one of them.
Hoppalong was a cabride away from making a break for it and he calls the heat on himself?

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What kind of bank robber would want any contact with the cops at all? Seems this guy thought Boston was a bigger city than it really is.

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probably just psychologically impaired in some way.

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Is the best in USA

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As a professional contact of mine at the Brookline PD once put it:

"In spite of the end of the Space Shuttle program, and the resulting job cutbacks at NASA, and the resulting unemployment among highly trained scientific and engineering professionals, you find surprisingly few actual rocket scientists among the ranks of low-level criminals."

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