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Man stabbed behind Dorchester's giant pear; suspect arrested at nearby mall

Boston Police report arresting a local man on charges he stabbed an acquaintance in Edward Everett Square before grabbing his passport and money Saturday afternoon.

Police say the victim was sitting in his car in the parking lot behind the Clapp Pear statue and the Columbia Road KFC around 5:30 p.m:

The victim stated the suspect pulled out a knife and began stabbing the victim before taking his possessions including the victim’s passport and identification as well as an undisclosed amount of US Currency.

Police say officers spotted Bernardino Baran-Garcia, 26, not long after at the South Bay Mall and arrested him on charges of assault and battery by means of a dangerous weapon and armed robbery. The victim, police say, is expected to survive his injuries.

Innocent, etc.


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Ban the pear!

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Fair weather friend

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I would love to know the story behind the headline.

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