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Two shot on Dunreath Street in Roxbury

At the basketball court in the park between Dunreath and Copeland streets around 9:35 p.m.

One victim was found on Copeland Street with gunshot wounds to the thigh and hand; a second victim got herself to the hospital with a gunshot wound to the leg. Both are expected to survive.



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Oh no! I skateboard in that park almost everyday. Kind of surprising, both of those streets have always been pretty mellow when I’m around (mid day). Unfortunately I know there are some young children that live next to the park.

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I'm seeing an absolute pisspot full of shootings lately.

Defend the police.

I don't give a shit about statues (Lincoln? Really?) but what's happening on our streets is horrible.

We need to support our police. Until recently, most uhub people (a liberal crowd) gave the BPD a break, even supported them. They're good. They have their hands full.

What the police need now is a show of support, from real Bostonians, not suburban AWFLs with meaningless BLM signs on their suburban well manicured lawns.

The Black blood is on Deckard St, Townsend St, Blue Hill Ave.

Not out in the burbs.

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Black Lives Matter started in outrage over cops killing Black people. It reemerged earlier this year in outrage over cops killing Black people. It will likely continue until cops stop killing Black people.

To say that Black people are not also outraged over violence in their neighborhoods is to show ignorance of what's going on in those neighborhoods and is, to be honest, insulting to the people who live there.

Longtime readers of the comments here might be sick of me linking to it, but have a look at the Louis D. Brown Peace Institute.

Or Google Monica Cannon-Grant. Long before Minneapolis cops murdered George Floyd, she started something called Violence in Boston, which had been active in trying to, well, stop violence in Boston.

Yes, she did lead one of the largest of the recent Black Lives Matter marches, because she sees the connection between the two: Efforts to "defund" the police mean pushing for money to go to, yes, social workers (here, take a look at Ayanna Pressley's take on violence and trauma; she was discussing this even as a city councilor) and other programs to reduce violence in those neighborhoods. She also runs a large volunteer meal-distribution program.

No, unfortunately ending violence may not happen overnight. It took decades, and the assassination of a president, to get the Civil Rights Act passed - and as we can see today, the struggle never ended. But if all you see is Black Lives Matter and cops, you're not seeing the full picture.

But maybe the merging of the two movements will accelerate the trend: Covid-19 and continued police murders have really exposed the continued inequities Blacks face in this country, in a way that perhaps has not happened in a long time (at least for whites; I'm sure the people who have been suffering all these decades aren't surprised).

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