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Person shot on East Newton Street in the South End

In the hand, sometime after midnight at 36 East Newton St., near Father Gilday Street. Somebody then drove the victim a couple blocks to the emergency room at Boston Medical Center.

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The Boston Herald reports 5 shot/1 killed in Lynn but neither Herald nor Globe has anything on the latest, extremely violent overnight in Boston. At one point, there was a waitlist for ballistic K-9s (gun dogs) because of the number of shootings going on across the city. This morning, Ch. 7 briefly mentioned a woman shot to death in Boston but not much on the others. At one point, I counted 7+ victims either transported by ambulance or self-reporting to hospitals with gunshot wounds. The Globe has ample Trump bashing, Covid Panic, Black Women's March and Black Wall Street planned for Boston on the front page but nothing of the Black lives forever changed last night because of the absurd Covid early release of violent inmates and leniency for other bad actors. The damage Rollins, Walsh and Baker are doing to the city and state will take 25-50 years to repair, if ever. Are they allowing Boston to become the Killing Fields all to hurt President Trump? Certainly we are far beyond any science of releasing healthy prisoners under 60 who face little risk of death. Enough already.

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Agree there should be more coverage by the BG of all of the craziness and shootings, etc. I'm glad U-Hub does.

That said, how is it Baker / Walsh's fault? And while I think Rollins has a horrible approach to a lot of things, unless it's shown that recent trouble makers were released due to her actions or inactions, I'm not even sure how last night's news is her fault?

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The last time you gave us your Fishy theory that prisoners released due to covid were causing crimes in Boston, I asked you to give us some actual data instead of your Fishy opinions. But you did not respond.
I'll ask again. If you have some actual data then please tell us. Otherwise my request is that you stfu.

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Your comments seem popular so I'd like more information. I understand the issues w/ Rollins but don't know anything that the mayor or governor has done or isn't doing that would lead to more violent crime.

What things should be / shouldn't be happening? The early releases? Are those tied to increases in violent crimes and/or simple crimes like fireworks or what?

I thought some crimes were going down - fewer burglaries b/c people are home but more car robberies b/c there are more around and b/c criminals have to steal from somewhere.

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Certainly, a spate of 5 homicides (or more) seems to suggest something terrible is happening but what's different now vs. six weeks ago or last year at this time?

For comparison, here's the police department's latest reports. More guns. Same number of homicides (only up to 6/21). More violent domestic crimes.



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