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Dorchester man shot dead at South Bay Holiday Inn

Boston Police report Andronique Dos Santos, 23, of Dorchester, was shot to death at the Holiday Inn Express, 69 Boston St. in Dorchester, around 12:20 p.m. on July 22.

Boston murders in 2020.



A social worker nearby...they could have prevented this tragedy.

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... did a cop stop this from happening or?

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So what’s the answer then? Neither seem to work and we are all too busy attacking each other.

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It's a stretch to say "neither work" when the state only invests in one of those things - spoiler alert, it's the one that comes with guns.

How much have we really invested in community-centered social workers and mental health professionals?

If there was a network of dedicated professionals in place, that kind of support, developed over years, would probably prevent the root causes from turning into incidents like this.

Short-sighted macho-aggro "law and order" types like our OP friend above like to make fun of the idea because a police response provides immediate gratification in the form of brute force; of course it seems silly to imagine an unarmed social worker disarming a violent individual, but that's because that's not really the solution anyone is proposing.

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A social worker nearby...they could have prevented this tragedy.

Spoken like a true Bickerton.

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“Well I did stay at a Holiday Inn...”

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Is that an old ad campaign or something? I'm not getting it.

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His illustrious criminal career included once robbing a store while wearing an ankle bracelet (that ultimately required a hostage negotiator) and also holding up someone with a toy gun that "allegedly netted him and his Needham accomplice only a salad in a bag."

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The crime was July 22nd. Why the 9 day delay in reporting? I don't think this has been reported by other news outlets yet.

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