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Police arrest man and seize crack, guns and money in Dorchester raid

Seized stuff

Seized stuff.

Boston Police report drug-unit officers with three separate warrants arrested a man and seized his alleged drug and gun stashes in a raid in Edward Everett Square in Dorchester yesterday morning.

Police say Tevis Regis, 26, of Dorchester, was arrested on charges of possession of a machine gun, possession of a large-capacity feeding device, two counts of improper firearm storage and possession of Class B drugs with intent to distributed during the raid at 716 Columbia Rd., around 10:50 a.m.


A 7.62 x .39mm RAS47 rifle, a .40 caliber Glock 23, a .40 caliber Smith & Wesson MP Shield along with numerous rounds of ammunition and feeding devices. Officers also recovered a quantity of crack cocaine, a digital scale, packaging materials and other paraphernalia used for the preparation and distribution of illegal drugs as well as $2,660 in U.S. Currency.

Innocent, etc.


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Looks like they raided his kitchen cabinets, too.

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But where is the baking soda?

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Can you imagine how much plastic is involved in the mega business of drugs? Damn.

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Is that a Supreme sticker on the clip?

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Coincidence? Could be.
No license, no paperwork; guilty.

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Over 200 rounds in this picture.
I'd hit you at least twice.

No way he'd pack all that.

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